Our Team

To create our working team we have developed the concept of the “cyber factory” based on a worldwide cooperation amonst experts and Companies with top level  skills and competencies in their relevant fields:

Giorgio Stirano – Doctor in Aeronautical Engineering at Politecnico of Turin, designer of Alba racing cars, expert in vehicle design, handling, manufacturing, innovative materials, racing cars, including Formula 1, and electric and hybrid vehicle and systems. Consultant for OEM and car designers. Albatech Monaco’s Managing Director.

Sergio Beccio – Italian Air Force Pilot 1970/71. Member of Pininifarina Wind Tunnel staff. Aerodynamicist at Italdesign-Giugiaro, Consultant in aerodynamics for Osella Formula 1 team, Lancia-Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat Auto Corse, N technology and Abarth. Wind Tunnel designer for Govoni-Midgeot, Dallara Automobili and Bercella. Involved in marine projects such as Abate Off shore and Off Shorer Marine.

Kurt Borman - Has spent the last 25 years designing specialized electronics and software for data gathering and active control in motor sport, including six different Formula 1 teams, international sports car racing teams including LeMans, and NASCAR.

Kurt Borman

Paolo Bonaveri – Communication specialist, Managing Director of 3 D Comm SARL, a mass communications company specialised in state of the art video production and communication tools; highly skilled in event organisation and management and consultant to automotive and boating companies.

Paolo Boniveri

VI-grade - Global leader in providing simulation tools to the racing and production automotive markets and not only. VI-grade offers a variety of engineering services for the development and simulation of all kind of mechanical systems in the automotive, motorcycle, aircraft, rail and naval industries.

Float Design and Production is a product design company located in the Middle East, Jordan. Our services cover concept development, design, engineering and implementation of industrial, commercial and promotional products. We have excellent knowledge of regional capabilities and a strong network of international suppliers.