The skills and services offered by this “cyber company” are on wide range and of top level and relate to the experiences and capabilities of the persons and Companies involved.

This allows us to offer an extraordinary level of competencies to resolve all the problems inherent to the design and the engineering of the modern vehicles, and to their communication.
We are a very well integrated group which keeps in house the know-how of the complete vehicle design process, including all the simulation under the structural, aerodynamic and vehicle dynamic point of view.
The extensive automotive experience made by all the team members as a whole means an applied efficient methodology, with a practical approach to projects and all related applied design issues. The enginieering, design, communication skills can apply transversaly to all industries treating transportation.

The Team is efficient, reactive, creative and problem solving from concept, design, manufacturing and communication.

  • Vehicle architecture
  • Vehicle design for OEM and Car Designers
  • Racing cars design
  • Innovative materials chassis design
  • Suspension design
  • Handling & simulations
  • Aerodynamics
  • Data acquisition and electronics
  • Safety and accident reconstructions
  • Project management
  • Communication