Monte Carlo. Albatech Monaco and Mavel launch the idea of the “Losna”, an electric vehicle which is a real tool for the development of the electric mobility, thank to the vehicle architecture as size, aerodynamics, materials characterizing the structural elements, electric and hybrid drive systems. Each component of the car shall feature original elements that can substantially affect the performances. The goal of the project “Losna” is to demonstrate  electric vehicle cannot be designed following the traditional concepts relevant the cars with the internal combustion engines but must undergo a process of concept design and development totally different by the traditional ones. In this way Albatech Monaco made a deal with Mavel of Pont Saint-Martin (Italy) for the development of the electrical and hybrid drive system and the battery pack. The prototype of the  “Losna” shall be presented in early 2011.

Albatech Monaco is an Atelier, established by Giorgio Stirano in 2006 in Monaco Principality, where innovative ideas relevant to different fields of industrial Design, like Automotive, Engineering and Sustainable Mobility become real products. Our strategy is to develop concepts with a high degree of manufacturability that can be easily transformed into products  to be launched on the market.

Mavel is a company located in Pont Saint-Martin, near to Monte Rosa. Our natural propensity to challenges led us to develop skills that meet the most ambitious requirements of our customers. Our know how moves  in electronics, electrical motors and drive and control algorithm.  Our mission is to develop electric/hybrid green power train with high-technology manufacturing processes that allow the spread to a large scale.

  • 3 seats
  • Length less 3 meters
  • Light structures and suspensions
  • High aerodynamic efficiency due to low drag and minimum frontal area
  • 20 kW electric motor
  • Maximum speed 130 km/h
  • The car shall travel up to 160 km
  • The hybrid version shall be equipped by a new generation of thermal engines